Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding Popsicles

Ingredients   ¼ cup chia seeds  1 cup unsweetened almond milk  1 tablespoon maple syrup  2 tablespoons cacao powder

Ingredients continued   1 teaspoon vanilla extract  ½ teaspoon almond extract  Pinch salt  1 cup frozen dark sweet cherries  Cacao nibs (optional)

Mix chia seeds and almond milk. Let sit for at least an hour in the fridge. Add the rest of chocolate chia pudding ingredients. Mix in a high speed blender.

 Place a few cherries and some cacao nibs,  at the bottom of a 3 ounce bath cup. Then pour a little chia pudding on top.

Place another couple of cherries on top of the pudding, then add more pudding on top. Repeat with the rest of the popsicles.

 Put a popsicle stick into each one and freeze until solid. To get the paper cup to release easily, pour hot water into a shallow container and put popsicle in it.

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