Cranberry Kombucha

Ingredients: 12 cups homemade kombucha 1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries 1 cup maple syrup

Using a funnel, pour freshly made homemade kombucha into 4 (25 ounce) bottles with flip top lids or other air tight bottles.

If using frozen cranberries, allow to thaw first so that it's easy to smush them into bottles. If using fresh cranberries, microwave them for 1-2 minutes, or until they are soft.

Pour ¼ cup maple syrup into each 25 ounce bottle. Smush ¼ cup cranberries into each bottle with the homemade kombucha, leaving 1-2" head space.

Let bottles sit out (at 75° - 85°) 3-5 days, making sure to pop the lids each day to let out the pressure of the carbon dioxide. Taste each day to test its flavor and fizziness.

Refrigerate when you are happy with the amount of fizz and flavor.

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