Homemade Kombucha

Ingredients:   14 cups filtered water  6 black tea bags or 1 large (1 ounce) tea bag  1 cup cane sugar  1 kombucha starter culture with starter tea

 Bring 2 cups filtered water to a boil.  Add tea bags (or 1 large tea bag) and remove from heat. Allow to steep 5-10 minutes.

 Add sugar and stir to dissolve. If the sugar is taking too long to dissolve, turn on the heat again and heat 1-2 minutes to dissolve the sugar.

 Add sweetened tea to a clean gallon sized jar. Fill room temperature filtered water. Make sure the tea is 75°-85°.

 Add the starter tea culture and starter tea to the sweetened tea. Secure a tea towel or coffee filter over the jar with a sturdy rubber band.

 Place the jar in a warm area that is between 75°-85°. The kombucha will be ready between 7-21 days.

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